Most of people love to watch movies. Mostly, some people want to act movie. But there are some people who love to make short films or movies and they want to success by making films or short films. So, I want to discuss here how success can be achieved by making short films.

At the present time we are going through a pandemic situation and we have to fight equally to get rid of this pandemic situation . So, for this pandemic situation, Cinema halls are closed and for this reason the films are being released through online platforms (Like – Hoichoi , Netflix , Amazon Prime etc.). With the release of the films on online platforms, people can watch new films at home and they are trying to keep their minds a little better.

The release of the online platform has resulted in a huge increase in the popularity of the films. Audiences have become more and more interested in watching the films on online platforms. When a film is made and the person who is making the film, he should first keep in mind that what kind of films the audiences want to see because in the end the audience will judge how the film was. So, think about what kind of film the audiences want to see then if you make a film or short film that way, the acceptance of your film will increase a lot to the audience.

Here I will discuss what methods should be used to make a short film and how success can be achieved by making short films. There are many ways to make a short film. But I will discuss here the easiest methods. The first method is, Choose the right equipment – you will need a camera to film your short film. A microphone will help you get better sound and a tripod or stabilizer will keep your camera steady. You could also use a mirror-less camera( Like – Panasonic G85) for your film making .You will also need an editing app (Like – Avid, Adobe Rush, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker etc.). If you could edit your short film on a phone or a tablet, I think you should edit your short film in a computer because it is easier than a smart phone. So, here is my list of what you need to get started. Next method is, Learn how film stories – how do you use sound, camera, light perfectly in your short film to make the story. You will also need to know how to use sound, camera, light and lens to create the mood of your short film. Even your movie will be much better if you know where to put the camera, how to frame your shorts, when to use a close up and when to use a wide shot. If you perfectly use these methods in your short film it will make your short film easier to understand and better to watch to the audiences.

Next point is, Plan and Ready your short film – in this point you have to follow a lot of rules –

Think of an idea for a short film.

Write a short script for your short film.

Search for scripts online (if you do not want to write your own scripts).

Draw a storyboard- if you draw your story in a storyboard, (storyboard is a series of pictures, that outline what will happen in each scene) you get a good idea of what will happen in it.

Find location to match your script and then you will shoot your short film in there.

Get actors for your short film – before looking for the actors, one must remember that they must be skilled in acting. If you do not want others to act in your short film you can cast your family members or your friends in your short film (of course, they have to have acting skills).

Recruit a crew who will help you the various aspects of shooting a short film like production , lighting, editing and sound (it is depending on your budget). If you hire crew in your short film, your film will take on a new dimension. Besides, if you do not have any budget, you can ask your friends who are interested in your film making (if they would be interested in working on your film for free).

Shooting the film- first, rehearse the every scene again and again and then ready to film every scene in your short film, (after the rehearsal, the real shoots have to be done with the actors).

Upload your short film to film or movie- editing software – after all scenes are shot, upload your short film in this editing software.

Add audio in your short film – you will add audio tracks of the actor’s dialogue and match it up with the video in your film and if you wants to add any music or sound effects in your short film you can add it there.

Next, after finishing the work of film editing you will take feedback from the Producer and other Editors. You will take feedback from your family members and your friends. If they want to change something in your film, you will definitely re – edit your short film.

Create a new short film and share it in online platform – if your short film is complete after re-editing, review your short film one last time with the Producers, Editors and also your friends. If no error is found in your short film and everyone agree to release your short film, you can start showing your short film to people in online platform.

If these methods are followed, your film will be definitely be popular to the audience but then if you want to release your film on a better platform you can register your short film in the Film Festival then the popularity of your short film will increase further and as a Film- Maker or as a Film-Director you will be also become popular to the audiences. In fact, the Film Festival is a place where if your short film is selected then you and your short film will gain wide popularity not only among some people but also internationally. So, it is best way if your short film is selected in the International Kolkata Short Film Festival. International Kolkata Short Film Festival is playing a leading role in promoting the short films and this Film Festival is also playing a important role in how the short films can reach to more people. Because of this pandemic situation, people are not able to go out and participate in Film Festival. That is why, International Kolkata Short Film Festival is providing another golden opportunity for audiences to buy tickets in online and Film-Makers are being also given the opportunity to submit forms in online. In other words, International Kolkata Short Film Festival is giving all Film- Maker a chance to show their film- making talent to everyone.

So, in the end it can be said that, if you want to release your short film to the audience through the Film Festivals and online then, you can follow these methods, you will definitely succeed in making your short film. So, what steps do you want to take in making your short film that will depend entirely on your decision. Best of Luck.

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